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Jameson Road, Aston - where the George Tucker Eyelet Company was based at this time.
Designer Christopher Kane's collection for Topshop revolves around punk-style rivets and eyelets, featuring on neon girly dresses through to spike-heeled boots.
Suture was looped through the anchor eyelet and clamped to the load frame crosshead (Figure 3).
Eyelet had important concerns regarding vapor emissions from its open top degreaser.
Those with narrow feet can make their shoes fit better by using only the eyelets set farthest from the tongue of the shoe.
People with narrow feet should thread wider-set eyelets for a snug fit (a), while those with wide feet should use eyelets closer to the tongue (b).
Just space out the rings, mark a circle in the middle of them, then cut little holes all across the top of the fabric, blast it with the steam iron, place half the eyelet underneath and bash the top one into place trapping all three layers of fabric in a neat flourish.
4 -- color) ESPECIALLY ESPADRILLES: Woven straw pairs perfectly with denim and eyelet.
And if he's picking you up from the office, in his vintage Cadillac (disguised as a Ford Focus), then be inspired by Mad Men's Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) and flaunt your curves with the heart Peterpan collar top at [euro]30 with bumble bee pencil skirt and double-prong eyelet belt.
A 16-inch diameter LED light head constructed of copper free aluminum attached to a 21-inch diameter support plate is equipped with a lifting eyelet, which allows users to simply lower the entire unit into place over an open manhole.
BELOW Waffle-knit cardigan pounds 35 jersey top pounds 23 gold eyelet belt pounds 12 gold eyelet slingback shoes pounds 35 snakeprint leggings pounds 20 gold earrings pounds 8
To hang them, choose the eyelet curtain pole with mother-of-pearl midial, from pounds 60.