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We held on to each other, arms and legs, our eyes streaming tears, our ,sides aching, and laughed and laughed and laughed.
Alert, dilating and contracting, as swift as cautious, and infinitely apprehensive, the pupils vertically slitted in jet into the midmost of amazing opals of greenish yellow, the eyes roved the room.
When the young leader lay in the snow and moved no more, One Eye stalked over to the she-wolf.
An expression of intense joy illumined the old man's eyes.
Miss Jenny Wren, who had cast her eyes upon the bench again after her last interruption, sat looking at it, needle in hand but not working, for some moments.
Her glance travelled from his knock knees to his humped back, from his humped back to his only eye.
Tantor was looking toward the trees behind them, and as their eyes followed his gaze the head and shoulders of a great ape appeared amidst the foliage.
The instant that the figure of a man dressed in the garb of a hunter, and bearing the well known and much dreaded rifle, appeared before the eyes of the Siouxes, there was a sensible, though a suppressed sensation in the band.
She smiled just as he was doing, gazing straight into his eyes.
She looked him in the eyes, her own sharply passionate and inviting.
Bumble felt, every now and then, a powerful inducement, which he could not resist, to steal a look at the stranger: and that whenever he did so, he withdrew his eyes, in some confusion, to find that the stranger was at that moment stealing a look at him.
It was a man's face she saw, a face of steel, tense and immobile; a mouth of steel, the lips like the jaws of a trap; eyes of steel, dilated, intent, and the light in them and the glitter were the light and glitter of steel.