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EYES FRONT Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic, right, and Russia's Roman Shirokov, focus on the ball.
SHOCKING IN PINK Cute dress, but clashing sandals EH OOPS Helen pops out again in another upfront frock TANGOED Oops, low-backed dress reveals some badly applied tan FAIR LADY A cool, edgier Helen flirts with being blonde RAVER'S RETURN Helen on Sunday in see-through dress GRIM UP NORTH Warm and cosy in Manchester EYES FRONT Low-cut dress and high rise make-up is a scary blend
BERET NICE Pair pose for more pics EYES FRONT Cheryl & Andy
Eyes front were a couple of dozen boys taking on the racket outside and trying their hardest to sing it into a corner.
SMILE Mel loves her job EYES FRONT Mel leads one of her classes
SPLIT Our stories GETAWAY Jessie leaves the airport LOVE RAT Jessie with her ex-fiance Vince Morse EYES FRONT Lovers kiss behind Jessie
GET BACK J Paul and kids James and Stella in 1982 COOL GUYS n Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Brian Jones AXE 3HERO Jimi Hendrix in New York in 1967 EYES FRONT J Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw.
Ernesford Dynamos' Jack Cadman gets stuck in; EYES FRONT.