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FUN With dad Michael KEEN Prince can't wait to learn some new moves EYES RIGHT Paris fixes her glasses, so she doesn't make a spectacle of herself in class MANE EVENT Blanket swaps his plait for a ponytail HAIR HE COMES Blanket with his locks in a plait ZOOMING IN Eager to start, Paris runs into the centre for the karate class
After a quick eyes right, his gaze seemed to settle on a shapely young lady standing just a few feet away.
If you get the eyes right, then you get their personality.
I'm up to my eyes right now, but it's going great," she said at the weekend.
A love of golf and a good diet kept him fit, but one aspect kept that twinkle in his eyes right up until the end.
Eyes right for a rare double-take on two gents involved in some post Gulf war confusion.