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When Billy herself becomes pregnant and is abandoned by an itinerant coffinmaker, who has a wife and children in Texahoma, her mother's fabled jewels seem to hold one answer to her predicament.
Having studied Spanish colonial history, he immediately speculated his discovery could be the fabled El Dorado, one of seven "golden cities" sought by Spanish explorers in the 16th century.
Surfrider Beach in Malibu, another fabled spot for southern California's favorite recreation, has become so riddled with E.
Here's some more parity: Les Habitants can only wish they had as many victories as those fabled Predators from Music City USA.
A cross the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the heart of fabled Museum Mile, The Stanhope fabled has created a new service for art and antique dealers: The Stanhope Gallery.
Open Championship, and experience the best golf Pinehurst can offer on its top 100-ranked championship courses, each time they stay at the fabled resort.
Premiered in 1909 at the debut of the Diaghilev incarnation of this fabled company, Mickel Fokine's spectacle is a pastiche of Warriors, Female Slaves, athletic Young Boys, and a harem of nubile Polovtsian Girls, decorating the familiar melodies (remember Broodway's Kismet?
Michael Greyeyes (TNT's ``Geronimo'') portrays the fabled Oglala Sioux freedom fighter Crazy Horse, with Peter Horton (``thirtysomething'') saddling up as Gen.
King of the Hill: the story of a fabled team in a fabled season, Chicago Cubs last season with pitching great Fergie Jenkins;
New York City's Greenest Office Tower Is Also Widely Hailed as a Bold and Dramatic Addition to Fabled Midtown Skyline
A mysterious stranger has shattered the fabled Sabre Wulf amulet, unleashing the savage Sabrewulf from long years of imprisonment.
Creating history once again, the fabled `Christina' has undergone an over $50 million restoration - the most extensive in maritime history for a private luxury mega-yacht - and will define a new category of luxury yachting when she returns to sail as the Christina O.