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Fabricate fashion application, which is available for CubeA 3 Desktop 3D Printers, brings customization through matching and mixing colorful filaments with fabrics for both professional and home users.
Furthermore, applying this technique, AIST has developed a method to fabricate RF ID tags by screen printing.
Ideally, they will fabricate and erect easily while minimizing the labor required.
The steps to fabricate and assemble the microreactive elements will be described in this section, beginning with the fabrication of the silicon template.
To fabricate their transistor, Braun and his colleagues first worked with components in a test tube to devise a way of attaching carbon nanotubes to precise locations, on a DNA scaffold.
IBM is the first to fabricate transistors using ultra-thin SSDOI structures that bypass this SiGe layer, thereby providing high electron mobility while eliminating material and process integration problems.