fabricate evidence

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He further said he is not afraid of the operation, which he said will be launched by "men who sell information to Israel, who fabricate evidence and who beg the Foundation of Youth and Education in Turkey [TE[pounds sterling]RGEV] for a seat," but did not elaborate.
She then went on to fabricate evidence, including a statement prepared on behalf of the student, which suggested the notes had been made by a private tutor.
Police have widened the investigation amid signs of strain between senior Conservatives and the police over the treatment of Mr Mitchell, as claims were made that officers conspired to fabricate evidence against the former chief whip, which ultimately led to his resignation in late October.
Around 30 officers are working on the Metropolitan Police inquiry amid claims that officers conspired to fabricate evidence against Mr Mitchell that ultimately led to his resignation.
Kanpur, Oct 2(ANI): Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Arun Jaitley on Sunday said that Gujarat police probe has revealed that suspended IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt had coerced his subordinate to fabricate evidence against state Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
He is not allowed to leave where he lives, cannot interfere [with] other people's testimony C* fabricate evidence nor collaborate with others to make false confessions," Hong said.
We suspect they are trying to fabricate evidence in order to find him guilty.
You must be careful to guard against an informant with a grudge so check whether he has any reason to fabricate evidence.
Did the White House, as some assert, fabricate evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify an invasion?
Concerning admissibility, people mainly fear that digital photographs can become altered more easily than film-based images "to fabricate evidence for improper purposes.
He told him: 'You were bitter, cross and deeply hurt at being passed over and that has led you to fabricate evidence.
TONY BLAIR lashed out today at critics who claim the government forced the intelligence services to fabricate evidence of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.