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I am inclined to agree with Marc Beckwith that the following incident is perhaps most revealing of Calvino's attitude towards his work as a fabulist.
Likewise, Tolkien's admonition that the fabulist should "look at green again, and be startled anew (but not blinded) by blue and yellow and red" (67) is a central motif with threads extending all directions.
It is the task of the seer and the poet, or as Snow would say, the psychologist and the fabulist.
8) Speer in particular was a notorious fabulist and his often farfetched inventions have been the subject of several books: such as Matthias Schmidt's Albert Speer: the End of a Myth and Dan van der Vat's The Good Nazi: the Life and Lies of Albert Speer.
itself as a biography of the fabulist, Aesop spent much of his life in
When his book came out, the cheerless Gilles Duceppe said Chretien had lied to Quebeckers, which was amusing from a secessionist fabulist.
The earliest preferment for the fable came from Plato himself who preferred a fabulist to Homer: "Plato excluded Homer from his Republic and gave Aesop a place of honor, hoping that the young would absorb fables along with their mother's milk .
If anything, the philosopher is the greater fabulist, driving his premises to the neatest, most organic denouement; if anything, the novelists are the greater dialecticians, working out the dynamics of their premises in the free play of forces acting on their characters" (155-56).
Letters may be written for purposes of concealment as well as of open communication (think letters of recommendation), and while Faulkner's mother lovingly preserved the letters her son wrote home from Toronto in 1918, what they now mostly reveal is how spectacular a fabulist their author had already become, telling boastful tales of flying exploits that can never in fact have occurred, Faulkner's Royal Air Force cohort not having progressed beyond ground school by the time the war ended in November 1918.
Contradiction and hyperbole are no strangers to Herzog, who is something of a fabulist.
Henryson's rendition of the fable of the town mouse and the country mouse demonstrates the variety of translation available to an expert fabulist, but his dexterity with the form leaves him with a problem to resolve as he must return to the strictly human world for his moral.
His star started falling, however, when the market turned downward and Business Week pointed out he was a fabulist who claimed he was an MIT graduate when he actually had earned a B.