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They're not chasing money: Most are already fabulously wealthy and all of them are generally compensated much more than Warren Buffett.
Fabulously wealthy, fabulously productive, on a long downward glide and virtually forgotten, he skitters about the surface of modern literature, taken ashore in turn by such unlikely bands of sailors as the surrealists and art-as-artifice champions Oulipo.
Dried mango from South Africa is a fabulously fruity treat to rival any snack.
It's a tale of John Meriwether and his professors, the best mathematical minds from academia, who were fabulously successful as Salomon Brothers' legendary bond arbitrage group in the 1980's.
I've considered ringing neighbors' doorbells while wearing some drag king outfit, shrilling fabulously, "I'm a lesbian
The Mprize - modeled after the fabulously successful Ansari X Prize - is designed to incite the engineered reversal of the frailty and diseases of human aging within the lifetime of the baby boomers and subsequent generations.
Reclusive, exasperating, obese and fabulously rich, Miss Paget was a lesbian and heavy gambler who won a record seven Cheltenham Gold Cups, five of them with Golden Miller (1932-36), who also took the Grand National in 1934.
looked fabulously voluptuous in a figure-hugging pounds 1000 dress designed by Victoria Beckham.
I hear the ex of Roll With It star Noel Gallagher has been secretly beavering away on a fabulously opulent range of wallpaper designs for London's plush Liberty's store.
This Birkin-esque bag is fabulously similar to Posh's favourite tote, but will only set you back pounds 30, not pounds 3,000.
Specialities include the fabulously named Little Derby and Sage Derby and Warwickshire Truckle.