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There's also a matching top and trousers, if you want to go for all-out fruit salad fabulousness (kuccia.
The plays, set in the early 1980s during the presidential era of Ronald Reagan, tell the stories of two couples as they deal with politics, religion, abandonment and fabulousness.
Because women who might help their fabulousness along with a few injectables are considered desperate.
Similar Grand Louis chair available for around PS129 from Dunelm Truffles are an expensive delicacy in the kitchen but they can be affordable as a little dash of fabulousness in the living room.
As Chopra puts it: "The one thing we are known for is colour, excitement and fabulousness.
If you can't wait till February's Modernism Week to get your fix of Palm Springs fabulousness, this month's three-day version brings walking, house, and double-decker bus tours (those stop at the old Tramway gas station, above, our favorite landmark); parties; and even a yard sale.
building code requirements, which can't help but rein in fabulousness to some degree, and other, less tangible constraints.
There will be a large variety of wine to taste, fashion fabulousness from Elle, decadent decor from Elle Decor incorporating Weylandts, mouth-watering food from Soweto's top restaurants offering cuisine fit for a King, lifestyle brands with dazzle and glitz, and extraordinary wine lounges to excite the senses
This snippet of film fabulousness was the kick-off to last night's honoring of Mary Kay Cosmetics at the Pratt Institute "Art of Packaging Dinner,'' benefiting the Marc Rosen Scholarship.
I thought, or at least I think, people would tune in to see the Real Housewives of Atlanta because they would get to see fabulousness, and a good old read, and never the hair pulling and the punching and all that kind of stuff," Leakes said, referring to the brawl between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams during the reunion episode.
On the occasion at London's Tate Modern gallery, band member Bjorn Ulvaeus said that he feels extremely proud and humbled at the decades of success, and they have no regrets, be it the flares, fame, fabulousness or their funky clothes, Stuff.
At such times, my well-thumbed sleeve of Miles Davis' 1970 double album, Bitches Brew is brought out, and spun and, in spite of the nasty scratch on Spanish Key (first track on Side 3), I marvel for the umpteenth time at the fabulousness of that towering jazz-rock fusion album, its tracks, of course, but also the deadly line-up that trumpet guru Davis got together for it.