face danger

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A city therefore ought to be temperate, brave, and patient; for, according to the proverb, "Rest is not for slaves;" but those who cannot bravely face danger are the slaves of those who attack them.
This inevitability alone can explain how the cruel Arakcheev, who tore out a grenadier's mustache with his own hands, whose weak nerves rendered him unable to face danger, and who was neither an educated man nor a courtier, was able to maintain his powerful position with Alexander, whose own character was chivalrous, noble, and gentle.
Who more ready to face danger than Felixmarte of Hircania?
We have all three of us been accustomed to face danger, and to hold our lives in our hands in various ways, so it is no good turning back now.
Our citizens in Turkey may face danger, which is something the Foreign Ministry should address," Putin said, Sputnik reported.
Set in 1st century Rome, previous adventures have seen Gaius journey to Britannia, face danger in the East, expose traitorous conspiracies and put his life on the line in the Year of the Four Emperors.
Gulf States who face danger are aware of, sedition and terrorist acts being planned against them, which need to be tackled in a decisive, forceful, prepared and coordinated manner, he argued.
Policeman are much morelikely to get murdered than a civilian as they face danger every day.
Sadly, though, as recent tragic incidents and accidents have shown, these cyclists face danger from motorists who refuse to share the road.
The authorities asked people not to leave their homes and those who are stock somewhere outside their homes not to try to return on Saturday night as they might face danger if they did.
The exceptional measures came as "the security and order of the nation face danger due to deliberate sabotage, and attacks on public and private buildings and the loss of life by extremist groups," the presidency said.
But in a modern age where these primeval problems are all but extinct, men are looking for other risks to boast their willingness to face danger, the Daily Mail reported.