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United; coupled together in interest; shared between two or more persons; not solitary in interest or action but acting together or in unison. A combined, undivided effort or undertaking involving two or more individuals. Produced by or involving the concurring action of two or more; united in or possessing a common relation, action, or interest. To share common rights, duties, and liabilities.


adj., adv. referring to property, rights or obligations which are united, undivided and shared by two or more persons or entities. Thus, a joint property held by both cannot be effectively transferred unless all owners join in the transaction. If a creditor sues to collect a joint debt, he/she must include all the debtors in the lawsuit, unless the debt is specifically "joint and several," meaning anyone of the debtors may be individually liable. Therefore, care must be taken in drafting deeds, sales agreements, promissory notes, joint venture agreements, and other documents. A joint tenancy is treated specially, since it includes the right of the survivor to get the entire property when the other dies (right of survivorship). (See: joint tenancy, joint and several, joint venture, tenancy in common)


adjective allied, amalgamated, associated, coalitional, collaborative, collective, combined, common, communal, communis, community, concerted, concurrent, confederate, conjoint, conjugate, conjunct, consolidated, cooperative, coordinated, corporate, correal, harmonious, inseparable, joined, leagued, merged, mixed, mutual, shared, synergetic, unified, united
Associated concepts: joint account, joint action, joint advennure, joint and several liability, joint enterprise, joint interrst, joint liability, joint negligence, joint ownership, joint resolution, joint tenancy, joint tort feasors
See also: collective, common, concerted, concomitant, concordant, concurrent, conjoint, connection, consensual, federal, intersection, mutual, united

JOINT. United, not separate; as, joint action, or one which is brought by several persons acting together; joint bond, a bond given by two or more obligors.

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Current concepts in evaluation of the lumbar facet joints.
Flexion is problematic because it compresses the anterior spine; and extension is problematic because it compresses the intervertebral foraminal spaces and the facet joints.
The extended CE mark which now includes the conformal bone system and new indications such as osteoid osteoma, facet joint denervation and other bone tumors ablation is another major milestone in our quest to extend this non-invasive innovative therapy to additional patient populations," said Dr.
2 mm drill was used to create a hole extending from the base of the spinous process transversely across the contralateral lamina to transfix the facet joint.
In the lumbar region, the facet joints, lamina and pedicles have all been involved by the extradural intraspinal tophi that eventually erode or compress these structures.
A spine with scoliosis, for example, will have changes in facet joints that make the accuracy of densitometry problematic.
Some proliferative or sclerotic changes of the L4-L5 and L5-S1 facet joints are likely.
Synovium--a thin membrane that produces fluid to lubricate the facet joints, allowing them to move easily.
However, instead of fusing the spine following decompression, the surgeon will replace the facet joints with the ACADIA implant.
It serves to stabilize the spine during fusion procedures at single or multiple levels from L1 to S1 through bilateral immobilization of the facet joints.
Its intended use is to stabilize the spine as an aid to fusion through bilateral immobilization of the facet joints via bilateral facet fixation, with or without bone graft, at single or multiple levels from C2 to S1.
Yorkshire seamer Hoggard was being assessed today, having aggravated facet joints he first damaged last summer.