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NLP-based faceted search: Experience in the development of a science and technology search engine.
Design recommendations for hierarchical faceted search interfaces.
The dynamic faceted navigation in decision making using the semantic web technology.
Supporting multiple paths to objects in information hierarchies: Faceted classification, faceted search, and symbolic links.
Integrated Faceted Browser and Direct Search to Enhance Information Retrieval in Text-Based Digital Libraries.
Instead of writing out the RDF/XML for SKOS, an online application called PoolParty was used to help input the above faceted taxonomy and then export it to RDF/XML.
When entering a faceted taxonomy into PoolParty, PoolParty ensures it is added according to SKOS and other standards.
Attempting to understand faceted classification, XML, RDF and SKOS was a daunting task.
PoolParty had some benefits and drawbacks for creating an SKOS-complaint faceted taxonomy.
The need for a faceted classification as the basis of all methods of information retrieval.
How to make a faceted classification and put it on the web.
Usability Studies of faceted browsing: A literature review.