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Ben Allen looked expressively at each other, and the former gentleman taking off his hat, and leaning out of the coach window until nearly the whole of his waistcoat was outside it, was at length enabled to catch a glimpse of his facetious friend.
The duke had a majordomo of a very facetious and sportive turn, and he it was that played the part of Merlin, made all the arrangements for the late adventure, composed the verses, and got a page to represent Dulcinea; and now, with the assistance of his master and mistress, he got up another of the drollest and strangest contrivances that can be imagined.
There was an excuse for his remaining, for when the threshed rick drew near its final sheaves a little ratting was always done, and men unconnected with the threshing sometimes dropped in for that performance--sporting characters of all descriptions, gents with terriers and facetious pipes, roughs with sticks and stones.
The local papers had taken it up, and daily there appeared columns of learned criticisms, facetious editorials, and serious letters from subscribers.
Him a facetious, vacationing architect's clerk dubbed Noah, and so greeted him.
While the terrible drama of discovery was in progress on one side of the door, trivial questions about the amusements of Venice, and facetious discussions on the relative merits of French and Italian cookery, were proceeding on the other.
All that part of it was over--Dudley's stammering speech, the unrestrained delight of Polly Wetherby, the facetious rendering of 'The Wedding Glide' on the piano by Roscoe Sherriff, and it now remained for her to try to discover a way of conveying the news to Bill.
This facetious probability was so congenial to the dwarf's humour, and so exquisitely amusing to him, that he laughed as he went along until the tears ran down his cheeks; and more than once, when he found himself in a bye-street, vented his delight in a shrill scream, which greatly terrifying any lonely passenger, who happened to be walking on before him expecting nothing so little, increased his mirth, and made him remarkably cheerful and light-hearted.
I am being facetious and the reason I'm being facetious is we are doing our best to try an innovative scheme and, of course, you learn by your mistakes.
The question is at once disingenuous, facetious, satirical, and self-parodic.
He indeed could do far worse than consult with Tory MP John Baron - one of the 13 who voted against the now exposed as facetious Libyan no fly zone - who has forgotten more than he will ever know about the Middle East as well as consulting Alan Clark's outstanding work Barbarossa, to gain even some slight insights into Russia.
Of course I'm being a facetious character and I greatly appreciate the article.