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Throughout the volume he comments on his own art and assesses it with a facetiously critical eye.
McCain said Wednesday in Hanoi that he cannot forgive the guards at the notorious Hoa Lo prison, facetiously known as the Hanoi Hilton, for ill-treating U.
PUH-LEEZE - used facetiously to express astonishment, disbelief or indignation.
Of course, if the schedule for NT 5/Windows 2000 - which has been facetiously dubbed Windows 1901 - slips even further than it has already done, this refusal to take a hard line position on 9x gives Microsoft a convenient fallback.
Edelman facetiously replied: "Jacques, let's put it this way.
I've often said facetiously that everyone supports the FASB at the `least bad' alternative.
Ironically, I facetiously mentioned that hopefully we would not be expending War Museum bucks on exotic displays in the Museum of Civilization, such as a display on ancient Indian culture.
These words were meant facetiously, but there is a grain of truth to their literal interpretation.
The local land manager facetiously remarked, "I've warned people that if they cut trees without permission I will shoot them.
In face of the approaching blackness, which Winston Churchill facetiously termed black velvet, concerning oneself with a world that is soon to fade out like a television image in a power cut seems mere frivolity.
By the end of the year I might run out of clients," she adds facetiously.
And, finally, there is the issue of what the editorial page of The Washington Post calls "number abuse" and proposes - facetiously, we hope - to add to the new list of capital offenses.