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The patient ("MG") was a 53-year-old Caucasian male diagnosed with Bell's palsy of the left facial nerve with severe left facial paralysis.
Although the facial nerve had been undisturbed, it was postulated that heat transference from the extensive surgical burr use may have contributed to the deficit.
You diagnose facial nerve paralysis and wonder about the evidence supporting the use of steroids and antivirals for improving outcomes in facial nerve palsy.
Here she was shocked to hear that she had the symptoms of facial nerve paralysis or Bell's Palsy, in which the ability to control facial muscles on the affected side is temporarily lost.
Our previous studies demonstrating the effectiveness of ES in enhancing recovery from facial nerve crush injury have used daily stimulation beginning the day after injury [5-6].
Therefore, systemic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and tumors that might cause facial nerve compression should be investigated in patients with recurrent idiopathic facial paralysis.
Clinically our patient has improved, with resolution of her pain, headaches and facial nerve palsy.
Facial nerve paralysis has a high predictive value for HIV infection in populations with high rates of seroconversion, including those who engage in high-risk activities such as intravenous drug users and men who have sex with men, and patients from HIV-endemic areas such as sub-Saharan Africa.
The temporal branch of the facial nerve is commonly injured in trauma due to its location and superficial course along the temporal region.
Using the most cutting-edge technology and procedures, we are able to see amazing results in the treatment of patients with Bell's palsy and facial paralysis," Azizzadeh said, adding that he strongly encourages those suffering from Bell's palsy to seek medical attention from a highly trained and experienced facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facial nerve disorders.
Only 5% of sarcoidosis cases have neurologic involvement, with the most common manifestation being facial nerve palsy (3-6).
Washington, Sept 1 ( ANI ): Botox, which is best known as a cosmetic treatment for frown lines, can also effectively treat the after effects of Bell's palsy and other serious facial nerve problems.