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The skin wound was 5mm long only, but apparently quite deep to cut the facial nerve in a critical area of the boy's face.
The patient had had unilateral facial nerve paralysis for the previous 4 years following middle ear surgery.
In another study, Di Martino et al compared the appearance of the facial nerve canal in 357 routine ear operations with 300 temporal bone specimens from 150 autopsies.
There is deep extension of the sinus tympani posterior to the facial nerve in some cases.
Various modern surgical options offer whole tumour removal with both anatomic and functional preservation of the facial nerve in nearly 90% of patients.
There may be complete or partial absence of facial nerve on one side or both sides2.
The initial assessment of the patient revealed facial weakness of all facial nerve branches, inability to close or wink the eye, to close the mouth and to droop the brow or the corner of the mouth, dry eye and numbness on both sides.
This guide explains the basic science, diagnosis, testing, and treatment of facial nerve disorders and diseases, including infectious, inflammatory, acute, chronic, benign, and malignant diseases.
By this time patient improved significantly from his systemic involvement with normalization of renal function parameters along with complete recovery from facial nerve paralysis.
Initial superficial parotidectomy, in which all branches of the facial nerve are exposed, might be necessary to facilitate the safe removal of a tumour lying deep to the plane of the facial nerve.
The temporal branch of the facial nerve is commonly injured in trauma due to its location and superficial course along the temporal region.