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Schmidt, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center, cautions, "A mini-lift works on a limited facial region.
However, parotid sialoliths may similarly appear on imaging as hyperdense structures in the facial region.
Bites (n=8) also were recorded on the limbs and shoulders, as well as the facial region, suggesting a more violent or aggressive attack.
Integrating a PV system with the UFAD system is seen as a strategy to potentially cool the facial region while keeping the feet region warm.
Material is presented in 47 contributed chapters, arranged by region, beginning in volume 1 with the facial region and anterior skull base and continuing in the second volume with the upper aeordigestive tract and neck.
The preprocessing scheme is based on three main tasks, respectively the extraction of the facial region, the registration of the 3D face, and the acquisition of the normalized depth and intensity images.
Thomas Dirschka, Head of CentroDerm-Clinic Wuppertal, Germany said, "As the redness associated with rosacea is predominantly in the facial region, it affects the physical appearance of a sufferer and is instantly visible to the world at large.