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The lack of elaborate settings also facilitated rapidity of action, and the plays, beginning at three in the afternoon, were ordinarily over by the dinner-hour of five.
But while she was pursuing this thought the good genius of Sophia, or that which presided over the integrity of Mrs Honour, or perhaps mere chance, sent an accident in her way, which at once preserved her fidelity, and even facilitated the intended business.
As soon as the door was forced open, and while you, Monsieur Stangerson, were occupied with your unfortunate child, the concierge and his wife facilitated the flight of the murderer, who, screening himself behind them, reached the window in the vestibule, and sprang out of it into the park.
His plans were facilitated by the news which arrived from Paris.
The CLARiiON CX system facilitated the database distribution portion of this project that resulted in a huge victory for our business and our products.
The initial WIPT meeting, facilitated by DAU-S in September 2003, approved the prototype concept of a learning organization and pledged support.
The loan facilitated the purchase of this building and featured a five year term.
This activity is carried out by geoscientists whose contribution and progress is facilitated by a well-coordinated spectrum of geoscience and geoscience-related societies that play a vital role in serving the needs of Canadians.
The program is structured as a two year experience where shared visioning, dialogue, collaboration, collegial coaching, inquiry/action research, and shared learning are facilitated in the context of teacher problem-solving the development of best practices in their schools and classrooms.