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Teacher thinking across the two years shifts gradually from an understanding of the learning community as a source for mutual affirmation and emotional support toward a view of community as a place for generative commitment to facilitating the "other's" development.
ecVision, a provider of collaboration software for automating the international supply chain via the Internet, recently announced the new major release of XpressB2B, a suite of secure web based application services for facilitating e-commerce transactions between global trading partners.
Methods for facilitating cohesiveness in the classrooms are critical for school counselors, and adventure-based counseling activities can provide one such method.
If you choose to drop your deliverables and focus on facilitating discussions, you, too, could fill this gap.
The objective of this legislation is to promote economic growth and credit formation by facilitating the development of a secondary market for business, commercial, and community development debt and equity investments in the private sector.
The effectiveness of this surface-modification in facilitating adhesion is demonstrated by comparing the bond strength of strips of rubber with polyurethane cast on them.
federal, state, and local government agencies, Intergraph is providing situational awareness software tools to help train responders, facilitating preparedness for emergency situations.
This provides the theater commander-in-chief (CINC) with an officer that works and integrates well within the country team and, more importantly to the commander-in-chief, one who can execute the full range of plans and programs from peacetime engagement and counternarcotics missions to facilitating reception, staging, onward movement and integration of personnel and equipment in support of large-scale contingency plans.
Facilitating a series of sequentially appropriate activities is only a portion of what makes a successful program.
Nashville-based The Honky Tonk Hall of Fame has announced that they are facilitating the sale of three homes of pop culture significance - one owned by music icon Johnny Cash, one lived in by Elvis Presley, and a third owned by Presley's father, Vernon - on eBay, which began Nov.

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