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Our self-study of our work facilitating the development of constructivist teacher leadership, though in its infancy, suggests creating sustained collaborative, inquiry-based problem solving conditions activates teacher cognitive development.
Additionally, PRTs assist in facilitating IO and non-government organization and Afghan led reconstruction projects providing jobs for demobilized combatants.
Although the people factor and commitment by DAU faculty and staff will be the major element in a successful learning asset integration initiative, technology plays a major role in facilitating the efficient capturing, organizing, managing, and broad but controlled access to learning assets.
Bright-line rule: Costs incurred in connection with an acquisitive transaction (other than inherently facilitative costs) will not be treated as facilitating the acquisition if incurred on or before the earlier of the date on which:
Early group structure aids in facilitating group work in the early stages by shifting responsibility in the group from the members to the leader (Bednar, Melnick, & Kaul, 1974).
The effectiveness of this surface-modification in facilitating adhesion is demonstrated by comparing the bond strength of strips of rubber with polyurethane cast on them.
This provides the theater commander-in-chief (CINC) with an officer that works and integrates well within the country team and, more importantly to the commander-in-chief, one who can execute the full range of plans and programs from peacetime engagement and counternarcotics missions to facilitating reception, staging, onward movement and integration of personnel and equipment in support of large-scale contingency plans.

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