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Police said that that one Shoaib, an absconder in a murder case, and his two alleged facilitators, Tahir and Adnan, were also held.
Because outcomes may vary by local context and facilitator, we recruited three groups for each condition, for a total of 12 treatment groups, to understand the effects of each condition.
It was said that before Lahore blast the facilitator and suicide attacker searched the whole area and he helped the suicide bomber to reach the scene by capitalizing on opportunity of presence of heavy contingent of police.
Lonny Carlile, director of the Center for Japan Studies at the University of Hawaii, said President Duterte could also serve as a facilitator of consensus between China and the US.
Ai is partnering with an influential cohort of facilitators on the ground in Egypt, India, Lebanon and Syria to launch the Advanced Collaboration for Peace project (ACFP).
However, the content is presented so specifically that, as long as the facilitator has background experience and training in the described areas, he/she need not be an expert in working within the realm of divorce or separation.
Facilitator training continues throughout the semester: we meet monthly to share our best and most problematic Circle moments and brainstorm ways to encourage discussion; we maintain a reflective blog--each facilitator posts about that week's frustrations and successes and asks for suggestions--and we observe each other's Circles and discuss our observations.
KEY WORDS: Problem-based learning, Medical Biochemistry, Undergraduate students, Facilitator, Content expert, Meet-the-expert-session.
Content experts who have difficulty in switching from a conveyer of information to a facilitator of student learning have to be trained to redirect their expertise toward development of lifelong learning skills among learners.
On a yearly basis, SFC offers between 25-30 Happy Kitchen courses in various locations across Austin, all led by trained community-based facilitators.
As student-facilitators, we frame our primary role in the tutorial as facilitators of discussion.

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