fact finder

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fact finder (finder of fact)

n. in a trial of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution, the jury or judge (if there is no jury) who decides if facts have been proven. Occasionally a judge may appoint a "special master" to investigate and report on the existence of certain facts. (See: finder of fact, question of fact)

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On the other hand, judges themselves see the Benthamite critique as a reason for them to ignore the rules of evidence when they are sitting at bench trials, (5) considering themselves to be closer to the ideal fact finder and believing themselves more able to assign all relevant information its proper weight.
That's why specific words used when talking a client through a fact finder are so important.
You need to have an independent fact finder out there that's able to dig up the truth and present it to the rest of us," Mike Hiestand tells JS.
For example, enter the query "star wars cast" into iWon's Fact City-powered Fact Finder, and the results page includes the full cast list.
But officials said Sunday that Wesson, who was acting as a fact finder in the negotiations, imposed the blackout and was continuing to insist on it.
Gee's Finance Fact Finder might help you to find answers to such questions.
Also includes many color photographs, exploded views, fact files, information boxes, a Fact Finder section and a chronology of the Moon Missions.
According to a 1998 state fact finder issued by Congressional Quarterly, more toxic chemicals are released per person in Montana than anywhere else in the U.
When presenting or cross-examining a fact witness, the objective is to capture the attention of the fact finder while skillfully eliciting evidence that supports the client's theory of the case.
The court found the Lewises had enough evidence to convince a fact finder at trial that their envelope was postmarked on April 15, 1993.
The Fido Fact Finder survey for Dogs Today magazine also gives lovers some paws for thought.