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In Southern California, fires and Santa Ana winds are a fact of life, just like earthquakes.
Consolidation in the United States and Europe will continue to be a fact of life over the next 5-10 years.
And now the robbery of kids and their right to a quality education is a fact of life.
However, Windows security issues will continue to be a permanent fact of life for Microsoft, which means that third parties will always have a rich and robust aftermarket available to them to serve.
For the poor, dangerous streets and failing schools are an unfortunate fact of life.
Despite the frequency with which users report finding many unprotected Wi-Fi networks nearby when they log on, or of finding that other people are piggybacking on their own networks, most Wi-Fi security schemes are so difficult to set up that many users give up and accept their network's public exposure as an unfortunate fact of life.
Violence remains an all-too-common fact of life in our public schools.
High energy prices are a current fact of life for all consumers and all fuel types," said Robert G.