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About FACT-Finder FACT-Finder, Europe's leading on-site search and navigation platform, helps customers find and buy the right products in online shops, optimising the buying journey for a better customer experience and higher conversion rates.
The more objective supposition of 50%, on the thought that the fact is either true or false, comports neither with reality nor with where the law tells the fact-finder to begin.
703 has abrogated the common law "ultimate issue" rule, but (in combination with related code sections) still prohibits expert testimony that 1) merely tells the fact-finder how to decide an issue; 2) consists of inadequately explored legal criteria; or 3) wastes time.
Additional support for the focal point hypothesis is found by examining extreme recommendations; our evidence suggests that even when a noninfluential fact-finder makes an extreme recommendation, it is likely that negotiated settlement will be near the recommendation.
It might also be that, being human, a judge when acting as fact-finder proceeds in essentially the same manner, testing whether the already conjoined elements are more likely than not.
5) The first test, which appears obiter dicta in the Supreme Court of Canada's recent pronouncement in Hanke, is said to be available to a fact-finder where "factors that are outside of the plaintiffs control" such as "current limits of scientific knowledge" make it, in part, impossible for the plaintiff to prevail using the but-for test.
The FACT-Finder iPhone App makes the dynamic "Suggest" feature available to every iPhone user.
An incomplete or missing fact-finder poses a risk to something much more valuable than today's sale.
This is just where the intelligent search comes in: FACT-Finder imitates how humans think and thus quickly directs customers to the product they want.
After the EAA declared an impasse in negotiations, a fact-finder intervened, and he ruled that the city's final offer was fair and justified.
Negotiations broke down some time ago and a fact-finder was brought in to make a determination.