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Before Mr Corbyn and delegates brought the party conference to a close with traditional renditions of Labour anthem the Red Flag and hymn Jerusalem, Mr Watson said: "It would have been easy for us to have slid into factionalism this week.
Sudheeran had opined earlier this week that factionalism was the single biggest challenge presently faced by the Congress in Kerala.
Mugabe's strong warning against factionalism comes less than three months after he made another scathing attack on factional leaders last December at the party's annual conference.
He praised, during meeting with the owners of Matams, the solid social relations and close ties that bind all sects of Bahraini society and have contributed to rejecting factionalism and sectarianism, which are alien to the tolerant Bahraini society, and hailed the efforts of policemen and community police for providing required services.
I think that people who know me would say that I am someone who has never engaged in the factionalism and was never engaged in the briefing," he said.
Mr Miliband said he could never have been part of the "macho" group around Mr Brown, adding there was no place in Labour for factionalism as he wanted a unified party.
The rebels' guerrilla force has been weakened from a peak of about 25,000 fighters in the mid-1980s due to battle losses, surrenders and factionalism.
by Abdul Ahad; Ahrar al-Sham Takes Jarrah Air Base We in the Middle East have always had a strong appetite for factionalism.
The new series 'The Ultimates,' is set in the Ultimate Comics universe where factionalism, out-of-control anti-mutant hysteria and outright secession have torn apart US.
An increasingly detached, palace-bound shah; a weakening link between the capital and the outlying provinces; the regime's neglect of the military and its shortsighted monetary policies combined to exacerbate rather than redress existing problems, leaving the country with a ruler too feeble to hold factionalism and corruption in check and a military unable to defend its borders against outside attack by Ottomans and Afghans, thus setting the scene for the crisis of 1722.
Internal battles and factionalism, fuelled in part by struggles for the control of resources as the revolutionary movement has adjusted to the role of governing since the first democratic election in 1994, have been read as warnings that the party is in crisis.
Sarwar, 28, said: "One of the key areas for me is ending the factionalism that has gripped us in the past and coming together as a genuine Scottish Labour Party.