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In the last decade, however, strategic and tactical discussions have taken center stage and become decidedly more factious.
It also appears to have been increasing over time as the competitiveness of markets has diminished with the increased differentiation, real and factious, of products and their associated services, the consequent greater degree of control of sellers over the prices of their products, and their inherent incentive to try to push prices up when demand strengthens, and rather than being compelled by competition to keep prices down and increase quantities sold.
The Achilles' heel of the interstate compact and other state-based ideas is that they demand two commodities that are in short supply in today's factious insurance industry a consensus on the problems faced by the industry and the discipline to pursue solutions that benefit the industry as a whole.
It was during his second unsuccessful bid for Parliament at High Wycombe that Disraeli, invoking the principles of Lord Bolingbroke, adumbrated the theories of "primitive" Toryism and "National Party" that he would flesh out in A Vindication and in Coningsby and Sybil: "Rid yourselves of all that political jargon and factious slang of Whig and Tory--two names with one meaning, used only to delude you--and unite in forming a great national party which alone can save the country from impending destruction" (Blake, 90).
The issue of the Islamization of the economy in Pakistan is riddled with such factious tendencies that it has rarely been subjected to a forthright, objective analysis.
Treasury officials have recently expressed a willingness to take a fresh look at the factious rule.
He declared that we have never accepted the factious JIT and do not accept its one-sided report.
If factious implement good development with aspirations, right tillnow- bursting against political first have Minster matter ' ' MRS DEFENDS SAJJAD'S MEETWITH PM
It is because the Bangladeshi politicians have developed a sort of consensus to keep the economy out of their factious fights.
The performance of the NCHR has so far been factious and lacking," Khalil said, adding that the council failed in its fist test; that is, taking a stance against Morsy's constitutional declaration for breaching human rights.
The operating environment for banks will remain challenging over the 12-18 month outlook period due to weak growth, the poor performance of sectors key to banks' asset quality and the factious domestic politics.
Ankara has always been a factious capital full off bureaucrats like this, and this current period is no different.