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These clusters were robust to the physician and patient characteristics that were manipulated as part of the balanced factorial experiment study design, as well as a range of additional potential confounders.
2004), which includes design of factorial experiments, development of models for the response surface estimation and model-based search of optimum point.
Factorial experiments can be carried out in a completely randomised design, in randomised blocks, or in a more complex design.
A method similar to Yates have been used by Li (1944) for the construction of asymmetrical factorial experiments 4 x [2.
The optimal recipes of the dispersion systems, applied as polymer matrix precursors, were determined on the basis of factorial experiments, designed as [2.
Though a full factorial experiment was conducted, the total number of test PCBs that were analyzed was at 24 lead-free PCBs as well as 12 for a leaded PCBs baseline, compared to 120 PCBs from Phase 3.
The use of a two-level factorial experiment enables one to distinguish between significant and insignificant variables.
Table : Table 1 - Artificial data for a 2 by 2 factorial experiment with unequal cell sizes
To determine the effects of row spacing on yield components of three cultivars of rapeseed fall and planting them in the test treatments and variety, Factorial experiment in randomized complete block design in three replicates in which the planting distance in 3 levels: 30, 40 and 50 cm in 3 levels and varieties, including new lines (crossed two varieties of H19, goliath), Zarfam and were Pahnab-e-joybar (Local varieties).