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Kroll Factual Data, a trusted provider of independent verification solutions, today announced a new integration to provide the company's FactualID-Identity Report from within Equity Residential's internal systems for screening prospective residents.
It virtually ignored the fourth and fifth factors, presumably because they had been ignored in the factual submissions by the parties.
Kroll's acquisition of Factual Data has already received the necessary regulatory approvals and will be voted upon by the shareholders of Factual Data at a special meeting on Thursday, August 21, 2003.
Of the 85 percent of Factual Data common stock represented at a special shareholders meeting, 99 percent approved the acquisition.
Comments: Osteen/Streber stand for the proposition that in a factual dispute with the IRS, the substantial understatement penalty is inappropriate unless the taxpayer introduces so little evidence that a decision in its favor would constitute clear error.
Kroll Factual Data is a trusted provider of independent verification services to mortgage lenders and investors, banks, credit unions, insurers, property management firms, regulatory and government agencies and other businesses.
This new source is Factual, a data company that helps developers, publishers, and advertisers to build more relevant and personalized mobile experiences using the context of location.
At the time of Kroll Factual Data's founding in 1985, mortgage rates had just begun receding from all-time highs triggering a deluge of refinancing.
NEW YORK, AND FACTUAL DATA Corporation, Loveland, Colorado, have executed a definitive agreement for Kroll to acquire Factual Data for approximately $115 million.
Throughout its 27-year history, Kroll Factual Data has developed, and continues to refine, advanced proprietary algorithms - deployed through its risk analysis and verification engines - that assess applicant-provided information for the potential indicators of fraud.
Armed with the information produced by a litigation risk assessment and the underlying factual and legal foundation, management can make an informed fight or settle decision.
TruAlert is Kroll Factual Data's suite of risk detection products.