factual matter

See: evidence
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I am not lying when it comes to the factual matter.
As a factual matter, Ronan was not a Holy See employee, and the Holy See was not aware of Ronan's misconduct until after Ronan had abused the plaintiff," Lena said.
Rather, it continued, "a complaint must contain sufficient factual matter, accepted as true, to 'state a claim to relief that is plausible on its face.
A plaintiff must "plead sufficient factual matter to show that [government officials] adopted and implemented the detention policies at issue not for a neutral, investigative reason but for the purpose of discriminating on account of race, religion, or national origin.
Such an addition may be useful, as some regulators said that they lack authority to resolve complaints where, for example, the company and consumer disagree on a factual matter regarding a consumer's eligibility for benefits.
Roosevelt's mission is to set his readers straight, as a factual matter, by persuading us that the Supreme Court usually does not abuse its power but instead properly defers to the judgment of other branches of government.
Key data, tables, and factual matter are retained, and the coverage remains comprehensive, including every aspect of polymer properties, synthesis, characterization, processing, engineering, test methods, applications, historical perspectives, and economics.
In other contributions, factual matter is given on such topics as black children, inspections and education in Scotland but, for practitioners, it is the chapters identified where the interplay of theory and practice most clearly addresses the aims of the book.
The court found that the pivotal issue in the cases was whether, as a factual matter, sufficient information was available to the plaintiffs to reveal a connection between VAMC and the deaths.
Then family history, moments of autobiography, and stages of the historical past rise into sharp focus in passages that detail the most minute factual matter yet fix nothing fast.
As a factual matter, that allegation is a bunch of crap," says Herb Kelleher, chief executive of Southwest Airlines.
Furthermore, what constitutes an impairment of a panoramic view is not a factual matter, but rather only a subjective opinion.