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4,5 Due to this pressure, the research activities of faculty members are increased, not only at research universities but also at institutions with teaching as their primary mission, but they encounter numerous barriers to perform good quality research including few human resources, limited budget, and poor facilities that has also been reported in literature.
An official informed The Nation that promotion cases of five senior faculty members of the university became the bone of contention between ASA and VC which led to several protests and deadlock between two sides.
In certain instances, some institutions may not be able to provide financial compensation to every online faculty member.
Faculty members were taught to produce a wide variety of educational resources, and they in turn shared lessons learned with each other.
The faculty members' performance was significantly different from that of the pre faculties in the fields of registering one's sentence or article under their own name, citing the website or reapplying photos and images from previously published works which indicates that the faculty members have an acceptable performance toward plagiarism (P < 0.
Weighing the contributions that a faculty member makes through UR and those reflected in funded grants and publications is a daunting challenge.
Ex-Permanent faculty member and program coordinator of Orasoft.
A striking discrepancy was present in the number of Hispanic students enrolled compared to the number of Hispanic faculty members.
One of the factors conducive to the success of a faculty member depends on his ability to differentiate between oral and non-oral communication.
CHALLENGES: While WVU has had a successful residential faculty leader program in its 11 freshmen dorms for a decade, each residential faculty member actually lives next to a dorm, not within it.
A faculty member can specialize in the specific area of accounting that interests him or her and choose among positions in a small private college, a large public university or something in between: one can choose a small-town lifestyle or a big-city lifestyle.
In order to maintain a successful program, there must be a shared sense of its importance by the university, the faculty, the accounting programs advisory group, and the business organizations hosting the faculty member.

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