faculty of speech

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I haven't lost a moment's time," he began in a hoarse, provoking tone; and then the faculty of speech seemed to leave him and enter the body of Councillor Mikulin, who chimed in approvingly--
Recovering a little from his surprise, Jason bethought himself that the image had been carved out of the wood of the Talking Oak, and that, therefore, it was really no great wonder, but on the contrary, the most natural thing in the world, that it should possess the faculty of speech.
The power or faculty of speech is to put on my lips what is in my mind.
Washington, Sep 22 (ANI): Scientists have discovered several molecularly and cellularly different cortical areas in Broca's language region, the motor centre for speech-a finding that shows that our faculty of speech is actually embedded in a much more differentially developed brain landscape than we have believed for the past 150 years.
It's a complex world that's dedicated to our faculty of speech," said Professor Karl Zilles, co-author of this study.
If you stick with him, you'll play a vital part in restoring the precious faculty of speech when he might have become frustrated, isolated and despairing.

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