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But, as she rose in the academic world to become a star in foreign policy studies, she got a grip on her eating habits and has been far more careful ever since, even experimenting with the faddish end of the diet world.
It has been shaped by a series of new topical interests and theoretical approaches, some clearly beneficial, some verging on the faddish.
Some may be considered as faddish while others will fail to ignite players' enthusiasm.
Why not make the seagulls part of the currently faddish healthy eating option?
Specifically, it was the kind of faddish leftist ideology that the city imposed upon a disenfranchised rural population; the very same thing Tasmanian loggers faced in Latham's tree-hugging policy during the 2004 election campaign.
More important than faddish diets, he says, is ethnic food.
As Easterly pointed out, the World Bank/IMF masterminds have flitted from one faddish panacea to another: infrastructure development, education, population control, debt forgiveness, etc.
The diet, which has taken over from Atkins for celebrity slimmers, is hailed as less faddish than its predecessors.
We said: We don't want to be faddish, we want the Brooks Brothers look, very buttoned-down and classic.
A Vatican committee has highlighted "kabbalah, as espoused by Madonna" among a growing list of New Age and faddish beliefs that might threaten Christianity.
Allowing shelf warmers to exist is bad because they take up space that could be used for more productive products--especially new products, products that are good sellers or hot, faddish products that are here today and gone tomorrow.
The best essay in the collection is "Michael X and the Black Power Killings in Trinidad: Peace and Power," in which Naipaul exposes Michael X's faddish popularity in England.