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And then there are the usual assortments of ``Kooks'': bodybuilders, hookers, ``barefoot'' fitness faddists, nudists and cross-dressers.
Similarly, the American Eugene Lyons records the admiration of Soviet industrialization expressed by "a couple of California back-to-nature, hand-loom faddists.
There was nothing fancy about the Model T: it was built not for faddists or for display but for practical use.
With admirable balance, he carefully disentangles the roles of food producers and processors, home economists, faddists, nutritionists, and political pressure groups in shaping broader cultural ideas of nutrition and taste.
Once relegated to "pipe dreams" of food faddists, the scientific community is beginning to embrace such concepts of nutrition with fervor.
Then why leave it to amateurs -- faddists, diet marketers, and celebrity promoters of the latest 'food system'?
Scurvy is now a rare condition, the "at risk" groups being the elderly, food faddists, alcoholics, smokers, persons in institutions and those with psychiatric disorders.
The anti-drink brigade and the food faddists won't like it of course.
She does not describe the customers but does say that she preferred the appearance of people who 'cheerfully and persistently in the face of all food faddists still consume three meat meals a day.