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If, as he said, the "revolutionaries are always reactionaries" and the "individual faddists are not fickle, but fixed," the Catholic enters the doors of the Church and finds that it "is much larger inside than outside.
To make matters worse, beef in the 1980s was a whipping boy for dieticians and food faddists.
That Davenport conveys so much--and so much more--in this ten-page story, that he is able to bring Kafka's diary together with a letter to Brod and the Bible, and then mix them with humorous accounts of 1912 health faddists and the Czech's conversations with the household god who shares his cabin is typical of the virtuosity that characterizes Davenport's work.
I make a gastronomic confession - a confession that will bring fear and loathing to the stage army of food faddists who now seem to inhabit every nook and corner of today's world.
This number included "Beat Zen, Square Zen, and Zen," Alan Watts's attempt to separate, among the flurry of arts and practices going by the name "Zen," the faddists from the purists--or, in Jung's sense, the "shortsighted" dabblers from those equal to the extremes of effort and commitment that Zen demands.
In a world overrun by management faddists, brilliant visionaries, ranting futurists, fear-mongers, motivation gums, and all the rest, it's refreshing to see a company succeed so brilliantly by taking one simple concept and just doing it with excellence and imagination.