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In order to obtain an infinitive series-form expression for average BER in [eta]-[mu] fading channel it was necessary to use a series representation of the modified Bessel function [10, Eqn.
First, understand that because fading is caused by exposure to UV, heat, and visible light, unless you eliminate all three, fading will occur.
While the results to date include substrates representative of only two types of soil media, valuable insight into the magnitude of the odorant fading in soils is possible.
Those who believe that the technology is fading into the sunset have not done their homework.
He points out that the fading fireball lies at the edge of a fuzzy blob that remains as bright as when Hubble imaged it in March.
While no film can stop fading completely, these films dramatically slow the progress of fading to keep furnishings looking beautiful.
In real wireless communication environments, the links between cooperating nodes can experience asymmetric fading conditions.
ABSTRACT: This paper derives accurate analytical expressions for bit-error (BER) and symbol-error (SER) rate of different modulation schemes such as binary phase shift keying (B-PSK), binary frequency shift keying (B-FSK), quadrature phase shift keying (Q-PSK), 8-phase shift keying (8-PSK) and 16- quadrature amplitude modulation (16-QAM) over Nakagami-m fading channels respectively.