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It's too easy an excuse for managers and coaches to say, "Well, you've no chance with him because he has a drink and a fag.
Fag Ends is also helping people kick the habit in Liverpool, which recorded the seventh highest score in the country and the third highest in the north west.
Now you might think that little vignette is a bit of an exaggeration, but don't be surprised if fag wardens across the country are only identifiable by their broken noses.
I take issue with Heather Matarazzo's essay on the term fag hag.
The framework agreement between FAG and AACO could also be extended to other locations around the world where FAG's Aviation Ground Services division is active, directly or through joint ventures.
It's not enough, especially if you want a fag 'n that," he said.
Knowsley director of public health Dr Diana Forrest said: "It's fantastic that Roy Castle Fag Ends is coming to Knowsley.
Which brings me to this question: What does it mean to be a fag hag?
Elsewhere here's an important fake tan tip for Fag Ash; blending.
The partnership between the Ark Health and Fitness club - part of Liverpool's Radisson SAS hotel - and Fag Ends will also provide support for people who want to cut down or stay smoke-free.
Bearing ball deep groove :- skf 6410 or fag 6410- qty 4