fail to answer

See: default
References in classic literature ?
It was a grand defiance given to the giant narwhal, and he could scarcely fail to answer the summons and "appear.
Sources attributed the situation to tardy relatives who refuse to take the patients back home or fail to answer calls from the hospital.
While the large-format tableaux may fail to answer or openly problematize this quandary, they do powerfully succeed at revealing the intertwinement of this country's tumultuous past and its chaotic present.
501(c)(3) and (c)(4) organizations and will inquire if they fail to answer or answer "not applicable" to the Sec.
Russell knows how to beautifully create worlds, but here he's failed to give his fable an interesting focus, which leaves you pondering the questions his worlds present but fail to answer.
Proper notice is crucial, because if you fail to answer, the other party can get a default of judgment or garnish your paycheck.
Bender and Schorske, in seven probing and suggestive essays, ask large, significant questions--about nationality, ethnicity, modernity, urbanity, and much more--which the other contributors, by and large, fail to answer.
The books also fail to answer why Ames decided to become a spy in the first place.
Moreover, employers that expressly grant use immunity create a better record on which to support the dismissal of employees who thereafter fail to answer employment-related questions.