fail to appear

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The attacks of illness which arise from miasma never fail to appear most mysterious.
Dr Amal Al Qubaisi, first Deputy Speaker, was also unhappy about the absence of the ministers and said it has become a practise now that the ministers fail to appear before the council to discuss crucial issues that directly affect the citizens and government policy-making.
Al-Fallaj urged the authorities concerned to take adequate measures to enable servers of summonses to effectively perform their duties to reduce the number of cases in which defendants fail to appear in courts.
Last year Northumbria Police carried out the mailshot as part of the national campaign Operation Turn Up, which targeted outstanding warrants issued to those who fail to appear at court.
There's no better example of the Lane County criminal justice system's loss of credibility than the astounding increase in the number of defendants who brazenly and repeatedly fail to appear in court.
When the crowds fail to appear, the developers simply bulldoze the parks and sell the land for a profit.
But because he was not a convicted sex offender, had no similar cases in the pipeline and police had no indication he was likely to reoffend or fail to appear, there were no grounds to oppose bail.
Winners who fail to appear will miss out on a humbling trophy - ``an intentionally cheapjack tchotchke'' with a golf-ball-size raspberry mounted on a Super 8 film reel, valued at $4.
Operation Turn-Up targets those people who fail to appear at court.
Neil Franklin, Chief Crown Prosecutor in West Yorkshire, said: "A substantial amount of time, effort and expense is wasted on cases for which defendants fail to appear.
The number of defendants who fail to appear for court in Lane County climbed 40 percent from 2002 to 2005, according to a report by the local Public Safety Coordinating Council.
The blitz will target outstanding Fail to Appear (FTA) warrants, imposed on defendants who have failed to appear at court.