fail to appreciate

References in classic literature ?
A man who is a good deal dazed at the moment may fail to appreciate a remark like
Nor can I fail to appreciate the virtue that has kept your lips sealed against words of love for this Heliumite, Thuvia, for I know that I have but just heard the first declaration of your passion for him.
Her artistic achievement, like herself, is so well-bred and unobtrusive that a hasty reader may easily fail to appreciate it.
But I can assure you that the Earl of Dovercourt would fail to appreciate them.
It is surprising that while we mourn the "death" of traditional vocations, we might fail to appreciate that God is never asleep and we forget to look at the changing patterns of demography
When communities fail to appreciate the importance of books and libraries, they are indeed on a slippery slope.
While people accept that youngsters like Ross Barkley and John Stones will suffer from inconsistency and will need to be rested now and then - they fail to appreciate that Lukaku is the same age and has been used pretty much every time he's been available.
But many tourists fail to appreciate 98 per cent of its population is Muslim - and locals have complained of visitors not respecting the culture and wearing skimpy clothes.
They fail to appreciate that in any other global city they wouldn't have things as good as they do here.
Wales is full of lakes, rivers and coasts that resonate with ancient memories' "Water is so ubiquitous in our landscape and our legends, there is a danger that we fail to appreciate something which is so essential and inevitable," said poet and co-author Grahame Davies, Published by Gomer, the 96-page hardback retails at PS19.
We recently held the first AGM of Stockton's Friends of Greenvale Local Nature Reserve and are concerned about the effect on wildlife of irresponsible dog owners and children who fail to appreciate the need to protect nature - bark has been stripped from trees and rare wild flowers picked.
When Labour were in power, fuel although on the increase, was not at an all-time high - something Danny seems to fail to appreciate.