fail to observe

References in classic literature ?
But though she did not fail to observe the strangeness of her brother's manner, she traced it to another source than the real one.
Alexey Alexandrovitch did not merely fail to observe his hopeless position in the official world, he was not merely free from anxiety on this head, he was positively more satisfied than ever with his own activity.
The secret was well kept, and Lucie was unconscious and happy; but he could not fail to observe that the shoemaker, whose hand had been a little out at first, was growing dreadfully skilful, and that he had never been so intent on his work, and that his hands had never been so nimble and expert, as in the dusk of the ninth evening.
Arthur did not fail to observe this; though the difference between the present occasion and the former was not within his power of observation.
I also did not fail to observe your strange manner the moment we met.
I warn you of this beforehand, but you cannot fail to observe it.
He changed his appearance as far as he could, and trusted that the likeness, which you could not fail to observe, would be put down to a family resemblance.
I did not fail to observe, also, the form of the parchment.
If stations fail to observe health standards in terms of cleaning and sterilisation, bacteria have a good chance to grow in desalinated water produced there," said Khalifa Mohammed Al Maktoum, manager of the public health and environment department at the RAK Municipality.
Researchers see data, but may fail to observe whether the data yield any meaningful results.
But the FIA had asked Rosberg and a team representative to report to the race stewards, with 1992 world champion Nigel Mansell among their number, for appearing to fail to observe the yellow flags.
Our research would suggest that focusing on remembering the directions we've just seen on the screen means that we're more likely to fail to observe other hazards around us on the road, for example an approaching motorbike or a pedestrian on a crossing, even though we may be 'looking' at where we're going," Lavie said