fail to recognize

See: misjudge
References in classic literature ?
He did not fail to recognize, however, the intelligence and power that resided in the niggers.
He could not fail to recognize Yashvin's voice though he did not see him.
As they drew nearer she could hear their voices engaged in earnest discourse, and, with the natural quickness of a woman in her situation, did not fail to recognize in those noises the quality of her husband's tones.
2 : to fail to recognize correctly <She mistook me for someone else.
He argues that these critics fail to recognize that while animals are not human, humans are animals.
The recommendations as a whole also fail to recognize the diversity of missions within higher education and the need to be cautious about policies and standards based on a one-size-fits-all approach.
This is because Canadian immigration authorities frequently fail to recognize Egyptian Coptic Christians as refugees.
Unfortunately, too many companies fail to recognize the benefits of such planning.
Projects get into trouble because people fail to recognize the early signs of problems and then they snowball to the point of no return," declares Roy Sprague, president-elect of the Council of Educational Facility Planners and senior director of facilities planning and construction in the Cypress-Fairbanks (Texas) Independent School District.
Opponents also fail to recognize the larger socioeconomic problems that stem from a lack of affordable housing, which in some cases include the very things they fear most.
No serious insurer would intentionally remove a safety net that could safeguard profitability, but more than a few might fail to recognize the new safety nets emerging in the property/casualty business.
But communicators who fail to recognize the participatory nature of the business world today are at significant risk.