failure to agree

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But failure to agree a height for the scheme with Sefton planners has already caused one development partner to walk away.
Failure to agree on a bid to the Government for the right to run congestion charging schemes has cost West Midlands councils pounds 4.
On cosmetics, Brussels complained notably about the continued failure to agree one International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) name in EU and US regulations.
Interviewed by the Voice of Lebanon radio station, the lawmaker feared that failure to agree over a president would eventually place dialogue before a dead end.
Yes, the administrations in east and west have agreed to form a unity government by the end of August, but with Daesh gaining influence internally, there can be no room for failure to agree to unite now.
A statement by the Lebanese premier office said the two men discussed current development in Lebanon, noting that Hollande expressed growing concern over the ongoing presidential vacuum and over the failure to agree on a consensual president.
Pressure has been mounting on Mr Blair over the failure to agree a twostate solution between Israel and the Palestinians.
Cebu Pacific and Allegiant in December 2012 announced that the planned sale by Cebu Pacific of 10 Airbus A319s to Allegiant has been cancelled due to their failure to agree on some of the economic provisions of the transaction.
Branding the changes "opportunistic", Unite officer Tommy Campbell said: "Following the failure to agree, we will consult our Offshore Contractors Association membership asking them to consider a range of responses, including strike action.
President Francois Hollande earlier raised the pressure on Paris-based Bouygues, warning that failure to agree a price for the stake purchase could still scupper the tie-up.
IATA's director general told Reuters earlier that failure to agree a common position would expose the airline industry to a "patchwork horror story" of different regulations.
The company is proposing to close sites A and C (Smethwick) should there be a failure to agree the new proposed shift pattern.