failure to answer

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Counsel for the Administrator argued that respondent, as shown by his prior discipline, by the allegations contained in the formal complaint consisting of his failure to report his conviction that occurred after he was suspended, his failure to comply with an earlier order of suspension and his failure to answer a request for investigation, demonstrate a lack of an appropriate attitude towards an attorneys responsibilities to the profession and the courts as well as failure to protect the public, the hearing panel report stated.
He also asserts that his trial counsel was ineffective for failing to object to several alleged errors during the trial, including: (1) a police detectives testimony regarding Adamss failure to answer certain questions during the police interrogation, which Adams contends violated his right to remain silent; (2) additional testimony of that police detective regarding his belief of whether Adams was being completely truthful during the interrogation; and (3) the trial courts questioning of witnesses after they were examined by counsel.
He recalled instances of Chinese tourists not being allowed entry due to their failure to answer the immigration officers' questions satisfactorily because of the language barrier.
And Philip Hammond's failure to answer Commons questions over the "biggest tax scandal of this generation" was branded "unacceptable" by Labour.
The Trump Administrations failure to answer questions today further proves that they want everyone to look the other way at this shady contract precisely because the Whitefish contract appears to be the latest example of Trump and Ryan Zinke pulling strings to enrich their friends.
Bernie Letterman, L16 Superior socialism IN A DESPERATE ploy to divert attention from her monstrous policies and consistent failure to answer a straight question, Theresa May has resorted to stoking the fires of jingoism by mounting a verbal attack on the Euro-bureaucrats whom, until recently, she adored.
He doesn't even know where Aleppo is," McMullin told an audience member, invoking Johnson's failure to answer a question earlier this month about the war-torn city in Syria.
Judge David Wynn Morgan sentenced Morgan - who had previous convictions for burglary, theft and failure to answer bail - to 32 weeks in prison for both offences.
Failure to answer in the affirmative could be enough not only to lose the case, but set a precedent that could hinder future cases where the government seeks to break encryption.
Shaun Quinn, 35, of Irene Street, Carlin How, given a six-month conditional discharge, fined PS40, and ordered to pay PS40 costs and PS20 charges, for drunk and disorderly behaviour and failure to answer bail.
PORT PILOTS held a four-hour work stoppage on Tuesday morning to protest against the communications minister Marios Demetriades' failure to answer a letter their union had sent him in mid-December regarding their willingness to stay in their jobs after privatisation.
By placing the top priority on closing sales, little effort often goes into preparing the way to get there, including a failure to answer emails, making mistakes, not returning calls, forgetting to send requested information, and not meeting agreed upon deadlines.