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Asi, el potente y activo Dios de Newton, que todavia hacia marchar el Universo segun su libre voluntad, se convirtio en una rapida sucesion en un poder conservador, en una inteligencia supramundana y, finalmente, en un Dieu faineant (39).
There was Dick Cheney, head of our "energy" company Halliburton; George Bush, our faineant millionaire's son; Tom DeLay, the suburban exterminator, none of whom was likely to get too bogged down fretting over the Iman Ali and the Kurds and whatnot.
Rich defendants can run the clock for years, particularly if they are before a faineant judge.
Desde una perspectiva spinoziana, tanto como desde la de cualquier partidario del emanantismo o del hermetismo, un Dios faineant no satisface las exigencias de inteligibilidad de la Razon.
Falco's account of Richard II complicates the roi faineant interpretation of the play in a different way, by exploring the "charismatic capital" that accrues to Bolingbroke, especially in his ability to appeal to the popular element.
Hatto examines King Etzel and his Huns in relation to the epic concept of the 'Secular Foe', tracing the development of Attila's image from the Ostrogothic tradition of the later fifth century to the emergence of a benign roi faineant who appears, ultimately because of the 'dynamics of epic structure' (p.
At one extreme is the routine-ridden, wheel spinning faineant of Dickens' "Circumlocution Office.
Today we have forgotten those liberally minded times and we have likewise forgotten the warning given by another of Trollope's characters in Phineas Finn, that |A faineant government is not the worst government that England can have.
Elle le regarde en silence, regarde le mur et lui murmure : Reveille-toi donc, faineant