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The accountant retrieves the originals, takes photocopies, and I head back to Sourpuss, the lobby forebodingly faineant when you're clutching No.
Aux Eetats-Unis, "Bob" est ingenieur informaticien, mais egalement un faineant tres intelligent.
By the end of the '30s, the faineant Castelli had managed to open a chic emporium beside the Ritz in Paris, having entered into a partnership with the designer-decorator Rene Drouin (who had "done" the Castelli house in Neuilly), an enterprise once again paid for by the limitlessly patient Schapira.
This requirement marks an improvement on a faineant practice that had developed in some trial chambers of the ICTY and ICTR to simply provide only a single overall sentence without enumerating specific sentences for each conviction.
Rich defendants can run the clock for years, particularly if they are before a faineant judge.