faint outline

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Over the way from us, and higher up the valley, we can discern, through the glasses, the faint outlines of the wonderful ruins of Baalbec, the supposed Baal-Gad of Scripture.
Meeting with nothing more attractive than the same faint outlines of swell and interval, which every where rose before his drowsy eyes, he changed his position so as completely to turn his back on his dangerous neighbour, and suffered his person to sink sluggishly down into its former recumbent attitude.
Clusters of chamomile flowers and microscopic orchids flourish from every possible rocky crag, and at night, there's just enough darkness to catch a faint outline of Northern Lights.
The faint outline of a male nude emerges from beneath Hajj's abbreviated brushstrokes.
I'm told it's even possible to see the faint outline of the Alps on a good day.
It is not always possible to remove a tattoo entirely but Naomi says if it doesn't disappear at the very worst he will be left with a faint outline.
And upclose is the Nivati beach, leading up to white sands of Vengurla town, with the faint outline of a lighthouse in the hazy distance.
According to NBC, the image shows what appears to be a rock shaped like a digit with a faint outline at one end that vaguely resembles a fingernail and another rock found nearby resembles an overturned sandal, and a crevice on another geological formation looks like a smiling Martian critter.
Malcolm says that after long days of exhausting legwork he was elated when he finally saw the faint outline of Emley Moor television mast on the skyline as he headed in the direction of Shepley.
The dark and stillness of the room and faint outline of books in back amplify the lighted face and figure of the philosopher.
But with his side virtually picking itself and ticking along nicely it is possible to see the faint outline of a job well done.
Greyhounds, page 56 Where racing and dogs meet Nottingham Situated in the same complex but with completely separate tracks, the grandstand at Nottingham nevertheless offers views out over the turf racecourse and the venues share a car park Dundalk Ireland's first all-weather track opened in 2007, with the greyhound track enclosed within the much larger racetrack, in the same way as Kempton's all-weather track sits within its turf course Newton Abbot Abandoned since 2005, the old flapping track at Newton Abbot can still be seen as a faint outline in the north-east corner of satellite photos of the Devon racecourse