faint suggestion

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But again silence reigned, except for the faint suggestion of the sound of naked feet moving stealthily in near-by places.
It chanced, however, that sitting over the fire on this particular occasion--perhaps because he was, as it were, done to a turn; perhaps because he was in an unusually bright state of mind; perhaps because he had considered the subject so long; perhaps because of all these favouring circumstances, taken together--it chanced that, sitting over the fire on this particular occasion, Mr Willet did, afar off and in the remotest depths of his intellect, perceive a kind of lurking hint or faint suggestion, that out of the public purse there might issue funds for the restoration of the Maypole to its former high place among the taverns of the earth.
There was no sense of present danger to check the outgoing of her mind to the old home; and she strained her eyes against the curtain of gloom that she might seize the first sight of her whereabout,--that she might catch some faint suggestion of the spot toward which all her anxieties tended.
Instead of the new white topper of Saradine, was a black one of antiquated or foreign shape; under it was a young and very solemn face, clean shaven, blue about its resolute chin, and carrying a faint suggestion of the young Napoleon.
A dim glimpse of a hand, and a faint suggestion of something like a brass washhand
At one point, a whiff of something unpleasant seeps into the proceedings: the faint suggestion that Viviane may be an adulteress.
The modest but effective Winter Wheat Field, 1986-88, in which the faint suggestion of a house in the fields is accomplished with just a few brushstrokes, also hints at the later Doig.
Served fresh, palm wine produces a taste with a faint suggestion of champagne--but without the sharp taste that champagne transmits into the inside parts of one's cheeks.
It pitted two male characters, both recognisable contemporary types, in a game of life and death involving all the favourites - class, money, adultery and even the faint suggestion of homo-erotic undertones.
The notebook had the feel of a road atlas, but rather than tracking land it traced the routes of Poz-Molesky's daily obsession: En Pointe Dance Company, the fledgling youth ballet troupe that she and her best friend, Annie Rigney, launched last year on the faint suggestion of a friend.
The nutty maltiness becomes slightly chewy and spicy (a very faint suggestion of licorice?
A spot of bother with some rebels in Benghazi, a faint suggestion that his regime might be in trouble (and that he might no longer be the go-to man for oil contracts), and ka-booom