fair chance

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Southeast Keller Corporation (SEK) is a Houston-based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation chartered in 1990 to foster crime reduction, safer neighborhoods and a fair chance for fellow citizens to succeed.
Gardner said: "It may take a while for fans to accept Daniel because of the protests after Ian was suspended - but I'm sure they will give him a fair chance.
The supervisors were not told of the process, and residents had no fair chance to be included in the project,'' McNamara said.
Wilcher is now executive director of Americans for a Fair Chance, a consortium of civil rights organizations that advocates affirmative action and civil rights.
Housing provider Home Group is leading the North East pilot of the Fair Chance Fund - a PS23m Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) scheme that will help people to find accommodation, gain quali-fications and move into work using investment from innovative new social impact bonds.
Jasmine Whitbread, of Save the Children, said: "We urgently need to close the gap in life chances for mothers and children so that everyone has a fair chance to survive.
THIS announcement is a significant step towards tackling inequality and providing all children with a fair chance to reach their potential.
LIVERPOOL winger Oussama Assaidi has hit out at Brendan Rodgers' transfer policy, claiming that a preference for big names at Anfield ensured he was "never given a fair chance.
The Gosforth-based social enterprise is one of seven organisations nationwide which will receive a chunk of the Government's PS15million Fair Chance Funding in January.
1600 of the most vulnerable homeless young people in the country will be helped to get their lives back on track with the Au15 million Fair Chance Fund, while the Au8 million Help for Single Homeless Fund will support around 22,000 single homeless people.
One of the participants, Araham Khan, opined that the cyber games give a fair chance to young people to showcase their talent.
They are scoring goals and when you have two players like that there is a fair chance you will win the league or the Champions League.