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Marc Ellison and Richard Logan are suspended while Harrison Davies and Joe Fairish will not play again this season.
She is 18-28, with fairish hair tied up on top of her head.
In Spain "Reserva" will be a fairish indication of quality as will "Premier Cru" for example in France, but in Italy the grading seems just to confuse.
And helping to make that future Glorious, I see, are 'detailed proposals' to revamp Central Square, that appalling eyesore affronting visitors to our fairish city as they emerge from the railway station.
I'm unsure where this affinity with snow comes from - being tallish and fairish, perhaps a female ancestor was frightened by a Viking.
He's off a fairish mark so he should pick up a little handicap this season.
Elegantly dressed and cravated, with the Order of the Garter on his chest and a buckled black hat set at an elegant angle on his fairish hair, it shows us a foppish young man who looks barely 21 with the famous Hanoverian blue eyes and a rosebud mouth.
The West Ham -Liverpool game looks trappy, though delicate Raul Meireles is probably fairish 'anytime' at 10/3 (Paddy Power) to continue his scoring form under King Kenny.
Subs (not used): Fairish, Richards Refere e: Steve Smith (Darlington) TURNED AROUND Richard Logan (left) led the way for Sunderland RCA but Josh Gillies (right) helped win it for Gateshead
My stats say the double-result punt on Robin van Persie to score in a United victory is a fairish bet at the standout 4/5 (Boylesports).
Charles emerged with lipstick on his cheek and described his son as "blond, sort of fairish, with blue eyes".
Police are looking for a boy aged around 15, chunky build with fairish hair.