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He added: "A fairminded observer wouldn't even think for one moment there's a real possibility of bias in this.
There are many fairminded politicians but they rarely, if ever, make it to the top.
THE extreme comments on the Prime Minister and her fractious team have struck me as very off-putting to anyone hoping to be thought fairminded.
Moreover, Natalia was very fairminded about the fact that poor sense of social responsibility was not only on the government and people in general, but also on girls themselves who many times were naive and believed that handsome strange men were selflessly going to change their difficult lives for better:
I know Labour is not in a good place but my message to fairminded people opposed to the Tories is: when voting in the general election and council elections, do so tactically by voting for the strongest opposition, Liberal Democrat and so on.
With his team looking exasperated at a line-call from a smash that had landed on the opposite side to the umpire, the fairminded student persuaded the official that the ball had landed inside the court and to overturn his decision.
218) The Supreme Court reversed the Ninth Circuit and elaborated on its "fairminded jurists" standard by explaining that federal courts must look to the arguments or theories that "could have supported" the state's decision then "ask whether it is possible fairminded jurists could disagree that those arguments or theories are inconsistent with the holding in a prior decision of this Court.
BURNLEY: Everyone in the boardroom, the management and all fairminded fans of a proper club rooted in the community should be deeply embarrassed by the antics of football's self-appointed philosopher king and serial relegatee Joey Barton.
Under [section] 2254(d)(1), "a state prisoner must show that the state court's ruling on the claim being presented in federal court was so lacking in justification that there was an error well understood and comprehended in existing law beyond any possibility for fairminded disagreement.
THE Auditor General's report is a fairminded assessment of the state of Welsh public services, devoid of the rhetoric politicians feel obliged to give vent to.
Here again, the 12 points of Berlin document has helpful things to say, with its exhortations to Jews to differentiate between fairminded criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism, and to offer encouragement to the State of Israel as it works to fulfill the ideals reflected in its founding documents.
They have fantastic fans who are fairminded and keep up their support no matter the result.