fait accompli

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Rejecting all actions taken to impose a fait accompli by force and try to change the components and nature of the Yemeni society, calling upon the Houthis to stop the use of force and withdraw from all the areas under their control and deliver the weapons were seized from the military and security institutions and engage in the political process.
BEIRUT: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai warned Tuesday that a fait accompli government would plunge Lebanon into further turmoil, as the Future Movement said the formation of a national unity Cabinet hinged on MP Michel Aoun's agreement to the rotation of ministerial portfolios.
While this fait accompli cannot become the source of a new law, it added, "We ask to change the route of the wall along the 'green line.
Ms Oakeshott told the court Pryce said Huhne had presented her with a fait accompli of taking the points, adding: "She was understandably very upset about it.
The bloc, however, warned that a fait accompli Cabinet would be illegitimate and run contrary to the country's Constitution.
Summary: The option of forming a fait accompli government Cabinet looks to have lost momentum following Thursday's blast in Beirut's southern suburb of Haret Hreik and in light of warnings issued from key groups, political sources told The Daily Star Friday.
NNA - MP Ali Khreiss warned on Thursday of forming a fait accompli government in the shadow of prevailing tensions and assassinations.
Their consultation exercise is, they say, to be exactly that,and not a mere hollow exercise paving the way for a fait accompli.
Summary: President Michel Sleiman has no intention to sign the decree of a fait accompli government following the New Year holiday, a source close to the president told The Daily Star Thursday.
Those who want to terrorize through an escalating tone in their political discourses to exert pressure on the Prime minister-designate and the President to impose a fait accompli government, ought to realize that nothing changed.
Summary: As the 9-month-old Cabinet stalemate drags on with no solution in sight, Hezbollah and its allies have voiced fears that President Michel Sleiman is inclined to form "a confrontation government" -- a March 8 term for a fait accompli Cabinet.
Speaking after the visit, head of the Ittihad Party, Abdul Rahim Mourad, voiced rejection to any fait accompli government as it would take the country to the path of anonymous.