fait accompli

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At the meeting he had yesterday at the Presidential Palace with the Mayors of Kyrenia, Lapithos and Karavas, the President of the Union of Communities of the Kyrenia district and with representatives of women s organizations of the town and district of Kyrenia, President Christofias said that there are no developments on the Cyprus problem and that there has been a setback since Mr Eroglu took over the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community, noting that the Greek Cypriot side cannot accept the faits accomplis.
La plupart d'entre eux, au contraire, devant les faits accomplis, preferent parler d'ideaux qui s'effondrent, de programmes qui s'ecroulent definitivement et autres plaisanteries du meme genre.
By contrast, the PLNs leaders have become increasingly professionalized, but without the tempering influence of effective civilian control, which might well collapse entirely if China's leaders continue to accept unauthorized military actions, particularly in the East or South China Sea, as faits accomplis.
It's 31 years since Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership made their illegal unilateral declaration of the pseudo-state, in the framework of their policy to make permanent and to legitimise the faits accomplis of the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation, and for the division of Cyprus," said Christodoulides in a written statement, highlighting that the UN Security Council condemned the declaration, characterising it as legally invalid and calling upon all states not to recognise the pseudo-state.
beaucoup moins que] L'Autorite ne peut plus perdurer sous sa forme actuelle sans aucune souverainete veritable sur son territoire sur lequel IsraE1/2l continue a imposer comme des faits accomplis le morcellement des terres, la colonisation et les attaques contre des villes [beaucoup plus grand que], previent Mohammed Shtayyeh, membre de la direction du Fatah, principale force de l'OLP.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Political uncertainty in Turkey will likely pave the way for a deep governance crisis soon, with the putschist-style Islamists led by embattled President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an insisting on ruling this nation of some 80 million people with faits accomplis and shenanigans at the expense of democratic principles, tradition and established precedents.
Obama, faced with Russia's assertive faits accomplis, remains lost in a post-Vienna ideological rapture, unable or unwilling to see the consequences of his passivity and disinterest.
As a result, situations become faits accomplis in relation to the Republic's obligation to pay expenses," Yorkadji said.